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Cutting Edge Provider Of Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment

  • Featuring quality level 2 and Level 3 Vehicle Chargers
  • We sell equipment compatible with most makes and models of EV’s (including Tesla)
  • Our highly trained Master Electricians make your install a breeze.
  • We have accessories to make your equipment easier to use.
  • Residential, Commercial, Public & Municipal Services
  • Pre packaged and Aftermarket Software to schedule charging
  • Top notch security features and charger activation with RFID
  • All our chargers feature a minimum 3 Year Warranty

Myarc sells top of the line Autel Electric Car Chargers

Superior quality, ruggedness, and proven technology

Myarc sells Generac Whole Home Generators

Make sure you have peace of mind in case of an emergency

Powerful, Versatile, Cost-efficient

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